Established in 1997, Crest Information Systems has provided global and local organisations with exceptional sheet metal design and manufacturing capabilities for more than 21 years. We invest in people – our teams of high-level experts and in our customers. We build relationships alongside solutions using technology that has consistently been the first of its kind in South Africa and on the continent.

The design and manufacturing services that Crest provides are tailored to suit any industry or need. Our customers range from global enterprises to local consumers and we pride ourselves on not just delivering great service, but great results. We have worked with some of the world’s most notable organisations across industry sectors such as banking, business furniture, safety and security, digital media, transport, beverage, automation, telecommunication, medical, lighting, point of sale, and light engineering. We have the capacity to deliver to all types of high-end specifications and requirements.


Crest specialises in design, laser cutting, welding, bending, aluminium processing, CNC turning and punching, metalworking machinery, sheet metal inserts and fasteners, a variety of surface treatment options, and assembly specifications. We primarily use mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium materials.


The Past

We opened in 1997 as a product development company. This allowed us to build a network of clients and to evolve our offering and expertise until we expanded into manufacturing in 2000.

The Present

Today Crest Information Systems is a thriving business with a 21-year history. We have both local and global clientele that appreciate our professionalism, dedication to our craft and high-end technical capabilities.

The Future

We plan to remain one of South Africa’s leading design and manufacturing companies with a local and global presence and a significant product portfolio. We will continue to invest in the latest technology and innovation to ensure that our machinery and abilities lie ahead of the curve.

Don’t contact us for complex or convoluted conversations. We don’t have those. What we have are straightforward, results-driven solutions. Contact us for a straightforward conversation about how to get what you want, today.